Download video from Dashcam – BlackVue DR650GW

More details to follow….. but in summary, I wanted to automatically download all video footage from my dashcam, a BlackVue DR650GW, and store it on a large external 3TB drive. I therefore created the following script and have had this running on a Raspberry Pi for over a year without issue or a single reboot. Essentially, you configure the dashcam to to use the BlackVue Cloud which means that once it is in range of your home WiFi network it connects to enable the Cloud features. I configured my home router to allocate the same IP address (IP Binding) to my dashcam – – so I’d always know where it was on my network. Then, I run script on the Raspberry Pi which continuously tries to connect to the dashcam. If a connection is made then the script proceeds to download all the video files (the file types and priority can be configured) and saves them to an external HDD attached to the Pi. The script can also be configured to delete files older than a specified number of days, and/or to delete the oldest files once the amount of free space drops beneath a configurable percentage. The script is available on my GitHub for all to use. At some point I will get around to improving this page and providing more details and photographs – but for now, for those wanting to achieve the same thing – the script should be enough to get you started. Cheers!